DIY activities to entertain the kids these school holidays


      School holidays provide a break from routine and a chance to have fun and connect with your kids.
      However, keeping the kids entertained for days on end without breaking the bank can be a challenge.
      Take a look at some of our simple DIY activities that the whole family can enjoy.


      Cubby house

      Challenge the kids to see who can build the best cubby house. Grab some sheets, blankets and chairs and take them to the garage to see who’s the most creative with their building.

      Kids workbench

      Buy or build a simple child-friendly workbench for the kids to learn basic carpentry – a lifelong skill and a chance to spend time together. You could make DIY kites and fly them in the backyard or local park for hours of fun.

      The ultimate board game marathon

      Hold the ultimate board game marathon, perfect for all ages. Get out all the classics (think Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Uno, Twister and a deck of cards) as well as new favourites (Don’t Wake The Dog, Pie Face, the Mouth Guard Challenge or Cards Against Humanity for the older kids).

      Smart home quiz

      Compete against your smart speaker in a quiz to see who can answer trivia questions the quickest. Paint a wall of the garage in chalkboard paint to keep score, and use portable door bells as buzzers.

      A trip to Bunnings

      Take the kids to a Bunnings school holiday workshop. The kids can make their own fun with creative projects like building tool and planting boxes or trying their hand at painting.
      Whatever you choose to do these school holidays, DIY home activities can provide hours of fun for your family. 

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