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The alert feature allows myQ users to receive an electronic notification (alert) when a certain event occurs (e.g. the garage door opens or closes). An alert can be enabled, edited, or disabled with any internet enabled computer or smartphone. Multiple alerts can be enabled for any garage door opener or myQ Remote LED Light. An alert can be received on an internet enabled smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world.

Event Options:

  • Door opens/closes
  • Light turns on/off

Event Settings:

  • All times and all days
  • Specific days of the week (e.g. weekends only)
  • Specific time (e.g. 8:00 am to 6:00 pm)


  • With the schedules feature you can program the Opener to CLOSE at any time/day of the week. Set your door on a nightly close schedule to ensure itʼs always closed before you go to bed.

Alerts can active with this feature. Note: Door Opening cannot be programmed.


Alert Options:

  • Email – An alert will be sent to the myQaccount email address
  • Push Notification – An alert will be sent to each smartphone/tablet with the myQapp installed that has logged into the myQaccount at least once.
    NOTE: Push notifications can be enabled/disabled through the smartphone or tablet settings.
  • An email and push notification can be received simultaneously.

Event History

Whenever the designated event occurs the event history will display the event, including the time and day of the occurrence.

The event history can be deleted. An event history is recorded only in the fully OPEN and fully CLOSED positions, and only when ALERTS are activated.

Gateway Diagnostics / Status LEDs


What do the LEDs on the myQ Gateway signify?

  • The GREEN LED must be on continuously after power and network connections are completed (NOTE: The LED may blink intermittently with data traffic).
  • GREEN LED Off – The router is not providing an IP address to the myQGateway. Check your router settings and internet connections.
  • GREEN LED flashing steadily On & Off – The myQGateway has an IP address, but is not accessing the Internet. Check your router settings and internet connections.
  • GREEN LED On Solid – The myQGateway has an IP address and is connected to the Internet.
  • The BLUE LED indicates the myQGateway has programmed at least one device (e.g. a garage door opener). The blue LED does not indicate if devices are connected; it only indicates that the myQGateway has “programmed” one device to its memory.
  • The YELLOW LED indicates the myQGateway is in the “Add New Device” or learn mode, otherwise the LED will remain off.

Changing myQ App Security Settings

  • You can change the SECURITY SETTINGS of the myQapp for quicker access to your devices and your account. The default security setting for the app is high. If desired, you can lower the Security Settings of the app. See Steps 5 & 6.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The myQ app is designed to work with Android™ smartphones and select Android™ tablets. Full functionality of the myQ app on Android™ tablets may not be available.

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