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7 Creative ways to use Your garage

The garage can provide the perfect opportunity to add some extra space and make the best use of every square metre of your home. Using your garage, or a part of it, in creative ways can be one of the quickest and most affordable ways to add new living areas to your house.
While adding some wow-worthy storage solutions won’t cause any issues, before you get started with any significant structural changes, it’s important to investigate your local council regulations.
Here are our suggestions for fun and creative ways to make the most of your garage:
Home office
For anyone who works from home regularly or often catches up on emails in their personal time, converting part of your garage into a home office can provide a quiet area to put your head down and get some work done without taking up a whole room inside the house.
A sturdy desk, ergonomic chair and wifi connection are all it takes to get started.
Indoor garden
While plants do typically require water, sun and fresh air, if you’re stuck for land space it is possible to grow a successful garden from your garage. With the help of raised beds, grow shelves and boxes, there are tonnes of indoor gardening solutions for plant lovers.
Arts and crafts area
Setting up your garage as a creative space for drawing, painting, scrapbooking and other crafts means you can have a separate area to store all of your supplies. It also gives you a safe space away from house mates or children who are a little too interested in your latest project.
Traditionally found in northern American homes, the concept of a mudroom is unfamiliar to most of us on this side of the pond. However, the idea of a space to keep all of your outdoor accessories is perfectly compatible with the typical Australian outdoor lifestyle. With a place for everyone’s things (even our fur friends), a mudroom is an organisation-lovers dream solution to keeping the house clean.
Garage gym
Most fitness fanatics dream of having space in their house to workout. For dancers, it could be as simple as installing floor to ceiling mirrors and a barre on one wall, a zen area to set up your mat for yoga lovers, or a punching bag and skipping rope for a boxing set up.
For lovers of a more traditional gym style, prices can start to add up. Try to source second-hand items where possible, or purchase from cheaper outlets if your budget doesn’t permit top of the line.
‘Man Cave’ or ‘She Shed’
The garage can be the perfect place for a boys’ zone or a ‘she shed’. Start with some simple furniture, adding rugs and other décor as desired to reflect your style.
Next, it’s time to add a show-stopping piece, probably the item you’ve day dreamed of for months. From a pool table to a bar cart or bookshelves stuffed to the brim with your favourite authors, your centre-piece should reflect your personality and set the tone for the room.
Rumpus room
Kids, at times, can take over the house. Converting the garage into a rumpus room can provide little ones with their own space to let their imaginations run wild. Depending on their interests, you can set up craft tables, bookshelves, racing tracks or little kitchens – the possibilities are endless.
The great thing is, the space can grow as your children do. If set up correctly, the garage can provide a perfect study or chill-out space away from the hustle and bustle of the family room.
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