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As Father’s Day approaches, now is the time to plan what you’ll be getting Dad. This year, why not gift him more than a pair of socks, a mug or another copy of The Castle?

Try out these practical and exciting gift ideas for Dad’s garage that will make every day, not just Father’s Day, that much easier and more enjoyable for him. Suitable for any budget, get Dad a gift he’ll love this Father’s Day.

The dad who loves to cycle 

Over the last few months, there has been an increase in bike sales across Australia, meaning more Dad’s on the road wearing lycra.

Whether Dad has invested in a road, hybrid or mountain bike, his newest edition can be mounted on the wall of the garage with the Steady Racks, Classic Rack.

The Classic Rack is the storage solution for Dad’s bike, designed to fold flat against the wall and pivot almost 180 degrees. Dad will feel like a cycling pro with this easy to use and install bike rack.

The DIY dad

For those Dads who would rather spend their time in the garage with a hammer and drill in hand getting stuck into their latest DIY project, the next two ideas are ideal.

Is your dad always asking where the screwdriver is, or where his newest wrench has gotten to? Get him organised for his next DIY project with a well-ordered tool kit. Every DIY dad needs a substantial, portable workbench paired with a pegboard to help manage all his tools and gadgets.

This is where Bunnings comes in handy with their free, step by step, videos explaining how Dad can make both a bench and a board himself! All tools and materials are available at Bunnings and there are services for any wood to be pre-cut.

Building his own bench and board will keep Dad busy for a few weekends and will end up being a great addition to his garage.

The dad who loves his car 

What takes up most of the room in the garage? Generally, it’s the car.

To ensure that whenever Dad takes his car out, it glistens and gleams, gift him the Armor All Total Cleaning Kit. With the All Wash and Wax, Protectant and Tech Screen Wipes, and cleaning sponge and cloth, even the smallest particles of dust will be scared off. He’ll love spending some quality one on one time with his car!

The dad who loves his garage tech

Keep everything Dad’s been working on safe and secure with Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers, many of which are compatible with the myQ Connectivity Kit.

With the myQ app, Dad will be able to monitor and protect everything with real-time alerts, giving him complete control of the garage even when he’s away from home.

Setting up a Chamberlain garage door opener and installing the myQ Connectivity Kit is simple with installation, connectivity, safety and programming ‘How-To’ videos. 

No matter what gift you get dad this year, he is bound to love it. Whether your Dad is the cyclist, handyman, car connoisseur or techie, make sure you spoil him this Father’s Day with these gift ideas. Whether you spend big or small, just don’t forget to wish dad ‘Happy Father’s Day’ this year on September 6!

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