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Be confident your garage is secure while on holidays

As the festive season comes to a close, many of us are taking advantage of the holidays by packing up the kids and heading off on a road trip!

For many Aussie families, getting out the door can often be a struggle, and involves a few trips back inside to make sure you haven’t forgotten any essentials!

With the chaos of going away, you can make sure that you closed the garage door behind you with myQ! myQ technology has 24/7 monitoring and sends you real-time notifications whenever your garage is accessed, so you can take action if something isn’t right.

Here are four other ways Chamberlain’s myQ technology can give you peace of mind while you’re on holidays.

Monitor your garage door at all times
With Chamberlain’s myQ technology, your garage door is constantly monitored. You can check the status of your garage door in the myQ App at any time. Real-time notifications are sent directly to your phone or Apple Watch whenever your garage door is opened or closed.

Let in a family, friend or tradie from anywhere
If anyone needs to access your property while you’re away, to check on your home, water the plants, put the bins out, bring in the mail etc, it’s easy and convenient to let them inside! Just use the myQ App to remotely open and close your garage door from wherever you are in the world.

Monitor your garage’s access history
If your friend is doing you a favour and checking in on your home while you’re away, there’s no need to bother them with a phone call to make sure they called in! In the myQ App, you can easily check when your garage was last accessed, so you can have peace of mind that your home is being looked after.

To view your history in the myQ app:

  1. Log into your myQ account
  2. Tap the menu bars on the top left
  3. Tap on History
For more information about Chamberlain’s myQ technology, visit our website or contact Chamberlain Customer Service on 1800 665 438.