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Chamberlain’s four-step guide to spring clean your garage!

It’s that time of the year again. The build-up of DIY projects and winter sports equipment has officially taken over your garage.

Finding an item now requires trained, Mission Impossible-style moves. The journey to the car has become an extreme sport among family members, dodging and ducking their way through the contents of your garage.

If your garage has slowly turned into the family dumping ground – or is simply ready for its annual clear out – a spring cleaning session could be just what you need.

Here’s Chamberlain’s four-step guide to spring cleaning your garage.

Step 1: Clear out and de-clutter

A clutter-free garage starts with a ruthless clear out.

Begin by pulling all your belongings out of storage. This will help give you an understanding of what items have made their way into the garage over the years.

From here, carefully go through your belongings and decide what you need to keep – and what you’re ready to say goodbye to.

This step is all about channeling your inner Marie Kondo. Remember if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to resell, donate or recycle!

  • Resell: Old sporting equipment, tools, or furniture may still hold value. Online marketplaces or hosting your own garage sale will help give your belongings a new life while filling up your piggy bank!
  • Donate: If philanthropy is more your thing, why not consider donating your garage goods to a local charity. From clothes in good condition, old furniture, to that camping gear you never use, you never know what items could make someone’s day.
  • Recycle: Household chemicals such as paints, solvents, pesticides and even cleaning products must be disposed of safely. Your local council should offer a waste disposal service that will recycle and properly dispose of toxic products.

Step 2: Storage solutions are a must

After you’ve decided what items in your garage you’re going to keep, the next step is storage.

Having a clear setup for storing your tools, sports equipment, and other beloved toys and possessions will help you stay organised and keep your garage from filling up with trip hazards. Options for clever storage include:

Whether you’re ready to make life easier by labelling your storage boxes or building your own tool peg board, it’s nothing a trip to your local hardware shop can’t handle.

Preventing mess and keeping your garage in order can even be as simple as replacing your old storage containers, or finally installing a shelf.

Step 3: Make your space as clean as a whistle!

Once all the tools, toys, and trinkets in your garage are sorted and put in place, it’s time to whip out the cleaning equipment and make sure that your garage is sparkling clean.

The build-up of garage grime can be hard to budge, so make sure you’re thorough with your cleaning – and don’t be afraid to use a high-pressure washer to remove the stubborn stains on the garage floor!

By giving the floors and walls a good sweep and wash, wiping down all the hard surfaces with cleaning spray and clearing out any spider webs, you’re well on your way to having the cleanest garage in town.

Step 4: Service your garage door opener

It’s not a spring clean without running some maintenance checks and ensuring your garage is up to scratch heading into the warmer months.

Servicing and maintaining your garage door and opener is easy with Chamberlain. The following steps show how you can easily perform a garage door opener service, and ensure your garage door is functional, safe and in prime working condition.

  1. Handwash your garage door with a solution of warm water and detergent. This removes any built-up grime and reduces scratching while the door operates.
  2. Wipe the internal mechanisms of your garage door opener with a microfibre towel. This allows the door to work freely and reduces noises that falsely indicate a fault in your door.
  3. Test the door’s alignment by operating your door and listening for scratching noises.
  4. Finally, test your garage door safety reversal system yourself by placing a 40mm object (like an old book) under the door and operating the door to close. Once it makes contact, it should reverse in less than a second.

If your garage door is making any concerning noises or isn’t working as it should, it may be time to upgrade to a Chamberlain Automatic Garage Door Opener.

If you’re in need of a new garage door opener, shop the Chamberlain range at Bunnings Warehouse. For all your garage accessories, such as remote controls, Safety Beams and myQ Smart Connectivity, you can now browse our new Chamberlain online store.

Now that your spring clean is complete, you’ll be the envy of your street (and your family can finally enter the garage without requiring a hard-hat). Bring on warmth and springtime adventures!

For more information about Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 1800 665 438.