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DIY gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Finding a practical and affordable way to show your appreciation for Dad can be tough. Here are four Father’s Day present suggestions to show your love.

The (dis)organised dad

Surprise even the most unorganised of dads by updating his favourite room with practical storage solutions and accessories.

Depending on your Dad’s interests, you can tailor your storage solution to cater to different rooms.
A board and hooks in the garage can store sports equipment and traditional home maintenance tools. Plus, it’s customisable to his needs!

For dads who love to cook, consider investing in a strong magnetic stip to keep his favourite knives and cooking utensils in reaching distance.

For more tricky areas like studies or sheds, invest in a label maker and help dad to label his storage and containers.

If you aren’t all that handy yourself, consider purchasing all of the supplies and enlisting Dad himself for a little help. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time together.

Garage brewery

Only a third of all garages are used to store cars, so why not turn that unused space into Dad’s very own microbrewery?

Home brew kits range in price and are not only for alcohol. Kombucha kits are becoming very popular for home brewers. The garage is a terrific place to control the fermentation and chill process.

It’s hobby that will keep Dad busy for hours creating classic drinks like ginger beer that the whole family can enjoy.

A new garage door opener

Give your Dad the gift of convenience this Father’s Day with a new Chamberlain garage door opener.

A Chamberlain garage door opener is designed for DIY installation, perfect for a handy dad. Plus, with myQ technology, Dad can monitor and control the garage door from his smart phone, tablet or Apple Watch.

For sectional garage doors consider the PowerLift myQ, or the HandyLift myQ for roller doors.

Shooting hoops

From ball loving Dads to Dads who just love to spend time being active in the backyard, building Dad his very own basketball hoop can provide hours of family fun.

Making your own is as simple as attaching a hoop and net to a backboard and customising! Consider decking it out in Dads favourite teams colours.