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Do it for me: Have your garage door opener installed by a professional

A trip to Bunnings Warehouse to take on a DIY challenge has become synonymous with the weekend in Australia, but we know that sometimes you need a little extra help on a DIY home project.

The Chamberlain Group has been supplying DIY garage door openers to Bunnings for several years, allowing customers to automate their garage doors in just a couple of hours.

Customers who visit select Bunnings Warehouse stores and purchase a Chamberlain garage door opener can now choose the option to install their garage door opener themselves, or have a professional install it for just $229.

“From food delivery, to ridesharing, tech support and help around the house, Australia is truly embracing the gig economy”, says Grant Emanuel, International Marketing Director at the Chamberlain Group.

“We know how easy it is for a job such as the installation of a new garage door opener to slip down the to-do list. To help out the time poor, procrastinators and those with nagging partners who just want the job done, we’ve teamed up with Bunnings Warehouse to offer a complete purchase and installation option”, says Grant.
A professionally installed garage door opener is also a fantastic gift idea, whether it be for mum, dad, your aunty, uncle, or that super busy friend who is sick of trying to open the clunky door every day while balancing kids and groceries!

As the largest moving object in the home, garage door opener safety and maintenance should always be a priority for homeowners. With the option to now have professional support to install the garage door opener, homeowners don’t have to put their family or possessions at risk because they need help to install the opener.
“After a long day at work or being out and about, coming home to a garage door that won’t let you in is the last thing anyone wants. If your garage door gets the shudders, grates and grinds or is slow to respond, it can really make life hard. Worse still, it could be a sign that your garage door is a safety risk for you and your family, so it’s important to take action quickly,” says Grant.

How to have your garage door opener professionally installed
Bunnings Warehouse is increasingly offering more support to customers via in home professional installation services which include air conditioning units, hot water taps and mixers, kitchen installs and now garage door openers.

The installation service is available in selected Bunnings Warehouse stores across Australia. Arranging the install is super easy:

1.    Select a Chamberlain garage door opener from your local Bunnings Warehouse.
2.    Take your garage door opener to the Special Orders desk.
3.    Arrange payment and installation at the Special Orders desk and take the product home.
4.    An installer will be in contact within two business days to arrange a time that suits.

Click here for more information about how to get your garage door opener installed. If you have any other questions or need support, contact Chamberlain Customer Service on 1800 665 438.