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Entrepreneur shares tips on turning a garage into a thriving business

From coast to coast, entrepreneurial Aussies are building prosperous businesses out of their garages and enjoying the benefits, including reduced overhead costs and shorter commutes!

One such entrepreneur is Sheree Findlay, who is at the helm of a thriving dog grooming business, The Grooming Co. For two and a half years, Sheree has operated the business out of her garage in St Clair, New South Wales.

“My garage is the ideal location for the dog grooming salon because it provides adequate space and eliminates travel time. It allows me to spend more time pampering my fur clients,” says Sheree.

Sheree’s garage setup offers her furry clients the ultimate doggy spa oasis, complete with doggy-sized washing basins and elevated benches for fur trimming and nail clipping.

There’s also a gated area in the garage where the dogs can safely spend time and relax before and after their appointments!

“The enclosed area means that my furry customers are kept safe while the garage door is open. “It also gives me peace of mind so I can continue working knowing my fur clients are safe and sound.

“Operating out of garage is great because the door provides privacy when needed and blocks out noise to avoid disrupting the neighbours. It also creates safe access for my clients and their dogs,” says Sheree.
Proper planning was vital for Sheree to equip her garage dog grooming salon, and we’ve rounded up some of her learnings to help other entrepreneurs.

Sheree’s top tips for Aussies wanting to start a business in their garage

“The most important consideration is to ensure you’re able to separate your personal and business life at home. If so, then you need to consider what’s fundamental for your business to run effectively. This could be electricity, access to water, adequate lighting or safety and security,” says Sheree.

Privacy, access and permissions 

If you think your garage might be a great place to operate your business, Sheree’s top advice is to consider privacy, noise pollution, council approval, and the amount of space you need.

“Also consider accessibility for clients, staff, and suppliers who may require special access arrangements,” says Sheree. 

Electricity and water

For many businesses, access to electricity and water is a must to power computers, any equipment, for cleaning and to make that all important cup of coffee!

“I wrote a plan and considered access to electricity and water first, ensuring that the garage had easily accessible cold and hot water, as this was essential for my business” says Sheree.

Sheree also had to ensure that there was sufficient access to power to run dryers and clippers without having to run leads that may cause a trip hazard.


Lighting was another consideration for Sheree. Without proper lighting, ensuring each dog looks their best would be tricky!

For business owners who require great lighting, the myQ Remote LED Light could be a perfect solution to help provide additional illumination, without needing an electrician to instal new light fittings.

Safety and Security

Making sure your garage is safe for your staff and customers is another important consideration. Ensure the space is free from chemicals, and that clutter and any tripping hazards are cleared away. If you’re running cables for electricity across the floor, secure them by taping the cables down properly.

An automated garage door powered by a reliable opener is best to provide an efficient and safe entry point for clients and suppliers. It also gives your workspace a professional look and is less noisy than manual garage doors.

Chamberlain’s myQ technology can help support business owners with the ability to open their garage door opener using a phone or Apple Watch. The app provides real-time notifications, so business owners know their garage and their business is secure.

Sheree has struck a great work-life balance operating her business from her garage and enjoys the convenience that this provides. The most rewarding part of her job is being able to promote the health and wellbeing of her furry clients, all from the comfort of her garage!

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