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Five things you can now cross off your maintenance to-do list

Make the most of these clear, crisp days and get started with your garage maintenance activities. Whether you’re decluttering, reorganising or updating your garage, here are our tips to make it all happen.

Reorganise your garage space  

To get the most out of your 2021 winter you need the right equipment. Swap the surfboard for a snowboard, and the hedge cutter for a leaf blower. Stowaway everything from summer and crack out the winter essentials.

Lack of space? Think about storing up high and using ceiling-mounted shelving and cargo netting. Now that you have access to all the necessities, you’re ready for all winter activities and chores.

Make your garage slip-proof

Ever walked into your garage and skated across the muddy patch left by the kids’ soccer boots? Ensuring your garage is safe and slip-proof is vital. To avoid any unnecessary tumbles, think about laying an anti-slip mat. Another option is to paint your garage floor with an anti-slip grit floor coating.

By taking these safety precautions you’ll be able to move around your garage without you or your family slipping.

Be prepared for floods and fire 

Leaves and rain are not a match made in heaven, especially when on your garage roof. Clean out your gutters and check your down piping. Now you can avoid flooding in your garage and other related issues such as cracks and structural damage.

Overflowing gutters are a major fire hazard. Now is a great time to start clearing out all leaves and other debris, so you’ll be ready for when the fire season arrives. Get into a good habit and start clearing out your guttering, all year-round.

Check your garage safety system

This winter, when the kids are passing a footy outside, or they’ve got to run back indoors to grab their jumper, know that they are safe in and around your garage.

Safety is extremely important to Chamberlain, which is why all our garage door openers are installed with a safety reversal system.

Test your system by following the below steps:

  1. Place a 40mm object under the door (like a block of wood or a toy)
  2. Operate the door to lower on the object
  3. The door should bounce back in less than a second

Upgrade your garage tech

While you’re refreshing your garage, take the time to upgrade your garage technology. Chamberlain’s myQ technology means you can monitor and control your garage even when you’re away from home.

Whether you need to give garage access to the tradies or check your garage is closed and secure, Chamberlin is there. By using the myQ Connectivity Kit you can control your garage door from the comfort and warmth of your car, or your favourite cosy café. You’ll need a myQ compatible opener as well.

So, as the temperature continues to drop, it’s time to get started on those garage upgrades for the rest of winter. Re-organise, update and upgrade with Chamberlain!

Chamberlain’s range is designed with premium safety and security features to keep you and your belongings safe.

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