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Five tips and tricks for the best spring clean

Maybe it’s the warm weather, thoughts of inviting mates around for a barbeque, or the fact that the end of another year is within reach, but there’s something about spring that makes everyone want to get cleaned up and organised.

Both the process of cleaning and the feeling of having a clean and tidy home can be a huge stress reliever. So, if you’ve got the cleaning bug, or you’re feeling a little stressed, here are five tips and tricks for the best spring clean!

Start with a KonMari clear out

Cleaning is always easier when you’ve cleared away the clutter. Whether you’re cleaning out your wardrobe, the junk drawer or the kitchen cupboards, start by taking everything out and throwing away anything that’s no longer working for you.
Consider a garage sale or donating items to charity that are no longer of use to you but are still in good condition.

Go chemical-free

Challenge yourself to do your spring clean chemical free! There are tonnes of savvy, environmentally friendly solutions available at most supermarkets
You can purchase ready-made cleaning products, or make your own. Ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice do wonders, and try adding essential oils for fragrance – you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective it is to make your own cleaning products.

Deep clean your appliances

Our most used appliances often seem to be the most neglected in terms of cleaning. From the fridge to the washing machine, dishwasher or oven, take the time during your spring clean to ensure the most relied upon appliances are working at their best. Make sure you don’t forget the barbeque!

Ensure your car is spick and span

Start from the inside and move out! Begin by removing any rubbish and placing anything that usually lives in the car (like the grocery bags) securely in the garage.
To loosen and remove hard dirt, gently brush the interior surfaces before vacuuming. Remember to focus on all the little nooks and crannies.
Handwash the exterior of the car, with special attention paid to the tyres for extra sparkle. Wax and polish to protect your car from the sun, prevent water spots and provide a high gloss finish. Make sure you check water restrictions in your area before picking up the hose!

Bring out the big guns

Don’t be afraid to bring out the big guns to get the perfect clean. Think high-pressure water cleaners and steam cleaners for effective cleaning. Again, check water restrictions in your area.