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Five unique, last minute gifts for DIY fanatics

We all know someone who loves their DIY projects. The question is, what do you get them for Christmas? These days there are loads of fun DIY kits available that allow people to learn a new skill or get creative.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled five great kits for the DIY enthusiasts in your life!

For those who love wine

Instead of gifting someone their favourite wine, why not take it to the next level and give them a wine making kit! Creating quality homemade wine has never been easier with Australian Home Brewing which includes Italian Pinot Grigio, Chilean Merlot, and Australian Shiraz.

To get your DIYer brewing, there is also a Wine Starter Kit, which includes all the equipment needed for a professional set up. This kit is super versatile and can even be used to make cider and mead!

For those who love a relaxing bath

If you know someone who loves to unwind in a bath, then DIY bath bombs are the perfect gift! Bath bombs are super customisable with range of different scents, colours and shapes available, so your DIYer can let their imagination run wild.

Bath Bomb World have amazing kits where you can pick between lavender, lemon, mandarin or rose scents. They also have fun colours and moulds so they can create stunning bath art.

For those who got into baking this year 

With the boom in home bakers this year, there’s no doubt you know someone who took on the challenge of baking their own bread.

Sourdough is notoriously hard to make from scratch,  however,  Online Gourmet Food have made it easy by providing a kit for a sourdough starter culture. The predough can be kept alive for several years, meaning your DIYer can bake bread in dozens! Better yet, sourdough starter can be used for all sorts of recipes including pancakes, batters and dumplings.

For those who have a green thumb

A great idea for someone who spends their weekends in their gardens is a DIY herb garden. Mr. Fothergill’s have a fantastic range of kits available, including chillies, mushrooms and even bee sanctuaries!

The Herb Garden Starter Kit is available at Bunnings and comes with everything you need to grow fresh and fragrant herbs throughout the year. The kit comes with a reusable greenhouse, providing the ideal conditions for growing the basil, coriander and parsley seeds, or other herbs of choice!

For those who need a garage door opener upgrade

If you know someone who is handy and loves doing DIY projects on their home, the Chamberlain SectionalLift and RollerLift Garage Door Openers are the perfect gift. In just a few hours, DIYers can transform their old manual garage door into a convenient entrance to their house with the added bonus of premium safety and security features!

For more information about Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 1800 665 438.