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Four Ways to Greenify Your Garage in 2021

From the growing concerns of climate change, to plastic pollution and water contamination, it’s clear that there has never been a more important time to do our part for the environment.

With a new year brings new resolutions, and if your 2021 goal is to live a more sustainable lifestyle, then why not start implementing some eco-friendly practices in your garage today?

From setting up a designated recycling centre to switching out toxic products for environmentally safe alternatives, the garage is a great place to start making sustainable changes for a better tomorrow.

See below for four easy ways you can greenify your garage in 2021.

Set up a recycling hub in the garage

Recycling is a terrific first step to reducing your impact on the planet, and you can utilise the extra space in your garage to set up a dedicated recycling hub. Get creative with your recycling by giving your single-use plastic or paper a second life.

Check your local council or state government for recycling initiatives you can support. For example, the New South Wales Government Return and Earn program is a highly rewarding initiative, allowing you to earn extra cash on the side for your recycling efforts, or give back to charity.

Another idea is to create a dedicated holding section in the garage for items in the home that can be upcycled or reused. For example, cardboard boxes have a multitude of uses, check out these clever suggestions from The Organised Housewife. 

Embrace clean energy 

One way to greenify your garage is to replace old incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED light bulbs. LED lighting has been proven to emit lower amounts of radiation, which is also non-toxic.

Additionally, Sunny Bunny has a range of solar lights for both inside and outside the garage that will help reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and shrink your overall carbon footprint.

To take your sustainable lifestyle to the next level, you can power your garage (and home) with renewable energy. Making the switch to solar not only reduces carbon emissions, it is also great for the wallet – slashing electricity bills from the get-go!

Switch to non-toxic cleaning products 

From paints to disinfectants, some of the most common products stored in the garage are toxic and can harm the environment.

Start the new year on the right foot by making the switch to greener alternatives. Contact your local council for advice on how to safely dispose of harmful items or look out for community recycling chemical cleanout events.

To replace these items, check to see if new products are made with safe, non-toxic, naturally derived ingredients that are sustainably manufactured. For example, choose low VOCs paints to reduce exposure to unnecessary chemicals, and there is a range of green household supplies that can be found at Biome and Zero Co, one of many Australian companies dedicated to finding solutions to environmental problems.

Smart technology  

Consider yourself a sustainability warrior? Then go a step further and invest in smart technology to bring your garage into the 21st Century.

Smart technology is an all-encompassing and seamless way to connect you to your home. Keep on top of your energy consumption with a digital thermostat or purchase some smart plugs with energy monitoring.

Many of Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers are compatible with myQ technology, which lets you to monitor and control your garage door opener and accessories from anywhere. With myQ, lights are never left on and the garage door can always be closed, anywhere, anytime. No more making extra trips home to check if you closed the garage door!

Chamberlain Group are paving the way to a more sustainable future by lessening the footprint of its operations. To date, the Chamberlain Group’s efforts, which include reduced energy consumption, less waste and increased recycling, have made a true environmental impact, with the sustainability program saving over 31,600kg CO2 emissions – the equivalent of over 943 trees planted!

A more sustainable and greener lifestyle doesn’t have to be laborious or difficult with these simple and easy fixes that can make a big difference in the long run.

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