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Garage to the rescue

Why turning your garage into a home office during the COVID-19 crisis might save your relationship, job and sanity

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world, many of us that can are self-isolating to help combat the rapid spread of the virus.

While our essential workers are out there keeping us safe, those of us who can are working from home, which has its ups and downs! Skipping the morning commute is a real plus, but getting through a full workday when you don’t have a dedicated workspace at home can be tough.

If, like many families, you’ve got kids home from school and partners working from home, it might also mean you’re competing for space, power points for devices and don’t even mention internet bandwidth!

If you don’t have access to a spare room or study room, you might have the solution already – your garage!

The garage home office is a new frontier for remote workers not wanting to be distracted by kids or the TV during crucial working hours.

We’re not talking about converting the entire garage with all the bells and whistles – it’s about a clever re-working of this space in an innovative way – while still accommodating the all-important family car.

Here’s how to create a home office in your garage:

Clean and clear

In order for you to have a suitable space to work in, you’ll need to clear out all the extra items. After all, if you take the time to make the space your own, you’ll love your new office space and won’t feel like you’re just making do by working in your garage.

Floors and walls

Most garages consist of a concrete floor, some sort of overhead lighting, and garage doors. To give your garage a quick and easy face-lift, you could paint the walls a light colour for a fresh, clean look, and add a bookshelf for the perfect video conference backdrop! Be sure to invest in some floor mats, so the acoustics are crystal clear.

Get your design on

Get your makeover mind into gear by focusing on a sturdy desk, shelving and a comfortable chair. Once you’ve got the basics, you can extend your focus to more creative components such as wall hangings, indoor plants, inspo messages, mission statements and more.

Creating an office outside of the home could be a great way to make it feel like you have a dedicated workspace, keeping you focused and motivated.

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