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Get back to school ready with Bunnings and Chamberlain!

It’s back to school time once again, which means it’s time for school supplies shopping, ironing uniforms, and planning your morning routine to get everyone out the door on time!

For a streamlined start to the school year, there are a few simple steps you can take. With a little help from Chamberlain and Bunnings this new school term, you’ll be feeling relaxed and prepared (instead of feeling like you’re herding cats to get the kids out the door for the first day of school!)

Make a to-do list

 A to-do list is a great way to get organised for the school term, and help to collect your thoughts and put everything in one place.

Do the kids need new books and stationery? Has the kid’s school bag seen better days? Pop it all into one place for ease.

You can make a voice activated to-do list on the Google Nest Mini– available at Bunnings Warehouse – and continue to add to the list as the thoughts pop into your mind completely hands-free. Although, there is no doubt that a trusty pen and paper will also do the trick!

Build your list and start ticking things off – you’ll be feeling prepared for the school year ahead in no time!

Do a practice run

If the kids aren’t used to a school timetable, it can be difficult to get into a new routine! For children starting kindergarten or a new school, a great way to prepare them is to set a morning routine and practice it in the week before school starts. You can even use a visual timetable so kids can understand what they have to do every day to get ready for school, and what tasks they have to do after school such as homework and chores.

If the kids are catching the bus, walking or riding to school, practice the route first so they know where to walk or where to wait for the bus. If they will be travelling on their own, ensure they know to only cross the road at pedestrian crossings and to never cross without looking both ways first.

Check at-home safety

 The school run is a busy and sometimes stressful time, so making sure your kids are always safe is essential. Ensure you have some house rules about playing in or near the garage before school starts, and make sure children know never to touch or play with the garage door remote.

Each month, you should also take a few minutes to perform a safety reversal check to ensure your garage door opener is functioning properly.

  1. Place a 40mm high object under the door (like a block of wood).
  2. Operate the door to come in contact with the object.
  3. Door should bounce back from the object in less than a second.  For even further peace of mind, installing ensures the door closing will stop and reverse when an object or person breaks the infrared beam.
  4. If this does NOT occur, homeowners should contact Chamberlain on 1800 665 438.

Up the smart tech

With the myQ scheduling feature, you can schedule the garage door to close a few minutes after you leave, so even if you forget to close the door, you’ll never have to worry!

Chamberlain’s myQ technology also includes 24/7 monitoring and real-time notifications. The myQ App will send you an alert as soon as the garage door is opened, so you can be sure that your children have arrived home safely from school. You can also set a schedule for the door to close once your children arrive home (just in case they forget too!).


And just like that – the family is back-to-school ready! Start the new school year off with safety and convenience top of mind with Chamberlain and Bunnings.

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