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Go green and boost your garage’s curb appeal

Looking for creative ways to add to your home’s curb appeal? A vertical garden could just be the answer!

Whether you are stuck for space or really want to make a statement, a vertical garden can transform a bland garage wall from bricks to a green oasis.

You’ll be doing a world of good for the environment too as vertical gardens can help reduce your carbon footprint by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air.

Plus, if you have your vertical garden on an exterior wall, it can reduce heat absorption to keep your garage cooler in the hot summer months.

To get your vertical garden underway be sure to:

Plan ahead
The location of your vertical garden will be crucial to its success. Before picking a wall or fence, consider the temperature, air circulation, light patterns, irrigation and drainage.

There are tonnes of types of vertical gardens, from ready-made systems to DIY creations. They can be as simple as strategically hanging pots on hooks, or far more elaborate arrangements with their own self-watering systems.

If you need to attach your vertical garden to your garage or house, be sure it can handle the weight and that any water from the plants won’t damage the structure. The alternative is to build an independent frame for your vertical garden. There’s plenty of designs on the internet to get you started.

Remember to keep your vertical garden clear of any moving parts if you do choose to attach it on, or near, a garage wall.

Pick your plants

Your plant choices will determine the amount of care and attention your vertical garden needs, so choose an option that will align with how much time and effort you can dedicate to upkeep.

For easy maintenance consider succulents and creepers. Both require little watering and will provide greenery year round.

If you’re interested in colours, natives and flowering annuals could be just the answer for you. However, they do require some pruning and fertilisers to reach their full potential.

A more fragrant and tasty option is to create an edible vertical garden. Just choose your favourite herbs!

Your vertical garden will soon have heads turning. The best bit is that the more your garden grows, the better it will look!