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How to care for your garage door

As the largest moving object in your home, regular maintenance of your garage door and opener is essential to help prolong its functionality and ensure it is safe for the family.

Keep your garage door and opener in perfect working order with the following tips:

Keep it clean

Dirt and grime can build up and stop the door from opening and closing with ease.
Washing the door is as easy as; rinse, wash with warm soapy water and rinse again.
Remember; never get the motor wet when cleaning as water can damage the motor.

General maintenance

Listen and watch! As soon as you notice anything unusual (e.g. the door not running as smoothly, grinding or scraping sounds), fix it straight away.
Always read the manufacturer’s instructions, as each door and opener can have different parts that need to be cared for in certain ways.
If your door or opener has a problem you can’t easily fix yourself, be sure to call a professional for assistance.

Safety steps

Remember to regularly check your garage door’s safety features.
To test your safety reversal system, you will need to place an object 40mm above the base of the garage door’s path and set it to close. If the door doesn’t reverse in less than a second (or two seconds if Safety Beams are installed) when it touches the object, contact Chamberlain support on 1800 665 438.
It’s also important to familiarise yourself with how to operate your manual release cord in case of an emergency, and to make sure the cord is never frayed.

How to operate a manual release cord:

1.    Pull the red cord down firmly once to manually release the door’s locking mechanism, the opener will make a clicking noise.
2.    Push the door up manually. Do not try to pull the door using the manual release cord; it will snap under the load.
3.    Take care when operating the manual release when the door is open, as it may fall rapidly due to weak or broken springs.
4.    When power returns, or it is safe to do so, re-engage the opener by pulling the red release cord down firmly.

If you have any questions or need support with your Chamberlain products, contact our Customer Service team on 1800 665 438 or visit our website for how to guides and FAQs.