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Installing a new garage door opener: your questions answered

Have you been thinking of installing a new garage door opener, but worried it may be outside your DIY skill set? Is it removing an old or broken garage door opener that has you concerned?

Here are the answers to five common questions our customers might have.
Do I need a professional to help install my garage door opener?
No! Chamberlain products are made for easy DIY installation.
Do I need an extra set of hands?
Enlisting an extra set of hands is always a good idea, but installation doesn’t have to be a two person job.
How long will it take to complete?
Chamberlain garage door openers are strong, reliable and easy to install in just a few hours!
What tools will I need to install my new opener?
1.    Ladder
2.    Spanner
3.    Socket wrench
4.    Phillips head screwdriver
5.    Tape measure
6.    Pen
7.    Rope
8.    Power drill
Safety is always the most important thing, so make sure you follow the instructions manual carefully. The Chamberlain website has video instructions for a range of garage door openers you can watch here.
If you are installing an opener for a roller door, make sure the door does not uncoil, as it could be a danger to you, your family, pets or car.

If you’re having trouble, contact our Customer Service team on 1800 665 438 or visit our website for how to guides and FAQs.