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Keep the family safe and secure with Chamberlain

Do you sometimes feel like you need eyes in the back of your head to be confident that your home, family and possessions are safe and secure?

The great thing is that it’s never been easier to look after your home and family with Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers and accessories.

Here are a few features of Chamberlain’s range that will help keep you and the family in control and safe in 2021.

Did I close the garage door?

If you’ve hustled the kids out of the house and are left wondering whether you closed the garage door, there’s no need to worry. With Chamberlain’s myQ technology, you can control your garage door opener, anywhere, anytime.

myQ smart technology is designed to conveniently connect you to your garage, providing increased control of your home security.

If you need to let a tradie, family member or friend into your home while you’re away, you can easily control your garage door from your phone and close it when they leave! Plus, you can ensure secure contactless deliveries by giving couriers remote access to your garage.

The myQ Connectivity Kit has innovative technology that sends real-time notifications every time the door is opened, so you can be confident your garage is secure, even if you aren’t at home.

Key-free secure access

Want to go for a run but hate bringing your keys with you? The Wireless Security Keypad can be installed outside the garage to ensure you have access to your home without your keys or a remote.

You can even set a timed, temporary pin on your Wireless Security Keypad to give friends, family members or delivery personnel access to your garage without having to leave the keys out or door unlocked.

Keep your kids, pets and belongings safe

With the family around the home more often during the school holidays, it is important to talk to your kids about garage safety. While pressing the garage door opener button can seem like fun, it should never be treated as a toy, and kids should never play near a garage door that is opening or closing.

The Chamberlain myQ Connectivity Kit comes complete with Obstruction Detection Beams, designed to reverse in two seconds if they sense an obstruction, ensuring that kids, pets or belongings won’t encounter a closing garage door.

To check your safety reversal system is in good working order, you can place an object 40mm above the base of the garage door’s path and set it to close. If the door doesn’t reverse in less than a second (or two seconds if Obstruction Detection Beams are installed) when it touches the object, contact Chamberlain support on 1800 665 438.

Choose premium security features

Chamberlain’s commitment to providing the highest level of security available in Australia started in 1993 with the introduction of our patented remote technology.

Security+ 2.0 was developed in 2011 and is designed to communicate on multiple frequencies and uses a unique code every time the garage door remote button is pressed.

The enhanced radio technology with Security+ 2.0 selects the strongest frequency, virtually eliminating interference from other technologies, so you can be confident your remote will work the first time, every time.
For more information about Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 1800 665 438.