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Organise the family with myQ scheduling

We know how busy life can get, and it can be easy to forget the little things, like checking if you closed the garage door. Luckily, the myQ scheduling feature allows you to use your myQ account to set up a schedule for closing the garage door at a specific time.

Here are a few benefits of using the myQ scheduling feature:

Go to work hassle free
Have you ever been halfway to work and realised that you’re not sure if you left the garage door open? You’re always in control with the myQ App. You can schedule your garage door to close (or stay closed if it is already closed) during your regular commute time, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Go to sleep without stress
There is no need to panic about accidentally leaving the garage door open as you hop into bed after a long day! With the scheduling feature on the myQ App, you can schedule your garage door to close at night if you forget to do so, or simply keep it as a double check that your garage door actually is closed every night.

Leave the house before the tradies finish up
Life can sometimes be too busy to wait around for tradies, cleaners or gardeners to finish up before you head out. By scheduling your garage door to close at the appropriate time, you can get on with your life while ensuring the safety of your home is never compromised.

To create a schedule on the myQ App:
1.    Tap the menu bars in the upper left
2.    Tap Schedules
3.    Tap the Add Schedule or +
4.    Enter a name for the schedule
5.    Under Set my… tap on Add Device and check the device you want to add a schedule to. For the lights, select if you want to turn on or off. Note: For both, on and off, you need to set up two separate schedules. One for on and one for off.
6.    Tap Back to get back to the schedule.
7.    Under At this… select the time for the schedule to run.
8.    Then set your Time Zone and tap OK.
9.    Under On these… tap on Days and choose the days (will default to all 7 days).
10.  Tap DONE
11.  Under Notify me by… choose the type of notification you would like to receive. Note: You will only receive a notification if the door is in the open position and the schedule runs to close it.
§  Push notification
§  Email
12.  Tap SAVE

For more information about Chamberlain’s myQ technology or the Scheduling feature, visit our website or contact Chamberlain Customer Service on 1800 655 438.