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The future of contactless deliveries

With many of us taking advantage of flexible work arrangements, the convenience, safety and security benefits of contactless delivery have never been more important. If you’re moving between work, school and home, Chamberlain’s myQ technology is designed to give you control over your deliveries, and offer contactless options directly to the garage.

Last year, as Aussies headed home to work remotely, their parcels and deliveries followed them. In April 2020, 91 per cent of all deliveries went to homes, a nine per cent increase compared to the whole of 2019. Only four per cent of deliveries were sent to workplaces in April 2020, compared to 10 per cent of deliveries in 2019.

If you’ve been a victim of a porch pirate or a grocery delivery left in the sun, this is for you! Here are a few ways that we see contactless deliveries being used in the future, and how Chamberlain’s myQ technology can help.

1.    Convenience

We all know the feeling – you’re in the middle of a very important Zoom call or trying to get the kids out the door… and then the doorbell rings. With Chamberlain’s myQ technology, you can let the courier into your garage from your couch, WFH office, car or wherever you are!

Simply ask in the delivery instructions for your driver to call or text when they arrive. Open the door via the myQ App for them to leave the parcel, close the door when they leave, and have your parcels safe in the garage when you get home.

2.    Security

One in four Australians have had their parcels stolen by ‘porch pirates’ in the last five years. According to new research from Australian parcel collection network, Hubbed, almost six in 10 (58 per cent) of Australians worry their parcels could be stolen in their absence, and 41 per cent believe they are not provided enough delivery options to ensure security.

Chamberlain’s myQ tech gives you peace of mind that your parcels can be securely delivered to your garage. You can make sure that any groceries will be safe from the elements, and any expensive purchases won’t be stolen!

3.    Health

With the global COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to consider the health of you and your family when accepting deliveries. Whether it’s a grocery shop, pizza delivery or Amazon package, having your items placed in the garage gives you peace of mind that your parcels are secure, and that your family is safe, without needing to interact with anyone and remaining distanced.

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