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Things to DIY around the home this long weekend

Whether you have odd-jobs that need finishing off or it’s just time for a refresh, the long weekend is the perfect time to get stuck into a little DIY.

Oil your deck
Decks should be cleaned and oiled twice a year to keep the timer protected year-round. Preparing your deck is something you usually think about for entertaining during the warmer months, however, the summer sunshine can take its toll. To check if your decking needs a little love splash some water on the boards, if the water soaks in instead of beading off, then resealing is required. To spruce it up and to protect it from the rain, sand the decking down, repair any damage and then reseal the area.

Brighten your rooms with a coat of paint
Pick a room (or a few if you’re ambitious) and brighten them up with a lick of paint. A fresh coat will automatically brighten and refresh the room. For the biggest impact, we recommend starting in some of the most frequently used rooms such as the lounge room, kitchen or bedrooms.
Reclaim your garage
If you no longer have space for your car in the garage then it may be time for some DIY storage. Take advantage of the extra time off by clearing out the garage – from bikes and tools mounted on the wall to perfectly stacked storage containers, there are hundreds of options to choose from.
Re-grout your tiles
Bathrooms and kitchens can begin to look a little tired when the grout between your tiles begins to discolour. Freshen the space by re-grouting the gaps between tiles with a waterproof adhesive. The room will instantly appear cleaner, fresher and tidier.