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Weekend boredom busters for the kids

Are you one of the many parents out there wondering how to keep your children entertained during this period of social distancing?

You’re not alone! This time in isolation is forcing us to get creative in terms of how we spend our spare time, and how to keep the kids busy and stimulated in theirs!

If you’re feeling like you’ve reached the end of your creative ideas to keep the kids entertained, think again! We’ve compiled a list of five fun, boredom busting activities your kids will love.

Writing letters to loved ones

The art of writing and receiving letters is slowly dying out: pen pals have been replaced with social media DMs and birthday cards have been substituted for birthday GIFs.

While it might seem like an outdated practise, receiving a letter rarely fails to give the receiver the warm and fuzzies. Similarly, the ability to write a thoughtful and considered letter is an excellent life skill that can be applied to a range of situations: from telling Santa what you want for Christmas to applying to a job.

Introduce to your children the idea of writing a letter to relatives or loved ones, in lieu of a phone call or text message. Not only will writing letters allow your kids to practise their writing and grammar skills, it will help the recipient to feel connected. They may be offered a letter in return, a fun novelty they will be able to cherish.

Moreover, in the face of COVID-19, aged care centres across the country have been in a state of lockdown. To curb residents’ feelings of loneliness and isolation during this period, the facilities have been welcoming letters from children to put a smile on their dial.

Get arty and crafty with tie-dye

Making tie-dye clothes is always a crowd-pleasing activity that will keep your children entertained for hours, and it’s not as messy as it sounds!

Using the garage space for your kids to get creative with their clothes will prevent the colour dye from staining the surfaces of your home. You’ll need white cotton shorts, a dye kit, rubber bands, gloves, plastic bags, a bucket for the dying itself, and a clothesline for drying. If you’re looking for some inspiration, there are plenty of tie-dye pattern ideas and styles available online, here are some instructions to get started!

There are also plenty of tie dye kits to choose from, and dye solutions can even be made by using things in your home and backyard. Berries, vegetables, spices and plants can all be used to make vibrant colours without the need for any harsh chemicals or odours.

Puzzled by puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate your child’s mind and keep them occupied for hours on end. The garage is an especially great space for your children to puzzle, with the otherwise unoccupied space meaning pieces won’t go missing, nor will puzzle pieces take over your dining room table.

There’s a puzzle type for all children: from 50 piece puzzles to 1,000 piece puzzles, your kids will remain entertained for days!

To get extra creative, your kids can also easily make their own puzzles with just a few materials. Get the kids to make a colourful drawing on a thin piece of cardboard and then cut the artwork into curvy and weird-shaped pieces.

Take the games offline

If you’re looking for a screen-free way of amusing your children, investing in playmat games will be money well-spent and bring plenty of content. Road rugs are a timeless crowd pleaser for children of all ages, allowing your kids to get lost in a fantasy world without eating into your electricity usage.

You’ll also need a few toy cars to be ‘driven’ around the mat. This can also be used as an opportunity to teach your children about compass directions. Other popular playmats include snakes and ladders or hopscotch, and are available online or through a range of select retailers.

Toy swap

If your children’s toys are nearing entertainment fatigue, have a look online at Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace for toy swaps.

A short-term toy swap will provide weeks of additional entertainment for your kids, without requiring them to permanently part with their favourite toys. If you do participate in a toy swap, be sure to sanitise the toys before your children play with them.

Dedicating the garage as the play area will also mean that your kids won’t need to clean up their toys at the end of the day, so that tomorrow, they can jump straight back into their fantasy world!

Combat cabin fever while this COVID-19 pandemic unfolds by incorporating just a few of these activities and your children will stay amused and entertained for weeks.

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