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You never knew you needed a family command centre in your garage – until now

It’s back to school time and the morning ritual of calling out ‘shoes on’, hunting for lost school books or digging through backpacks for crushed hats and homework is about to start all over again.

If the thought of another year of morning meltdowns has you shaking in your boots, fear not! We’ve got the solution to take you from chaos to control in a heartbeat, and it all starts in the garage.

Converting space in your garage to a family command centre will soon have your family’s morning routine running with military precision!

What is a family command centre?

A family command centre is a designated place in your home to store and manage everything from the family calendar, event information, car keys, coats, shoes, bags and more.

With a central hub to organise the troops, even your smallest family member will be set for the day ahead with all of their essentials laid out, ready to go.

Why the garage is the perfect place for your family command centre 

The garage is a great place for your family command centre for a number of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, the garage is a safe and secure location. It is also handy to confine mess to one part of the house, so no more dirty shoes trailed through the house after football practice!

The garage also makes sense because it has plenty of room and it is also the last stop before getting into the car.

With Chamberlain myQ technology, you can also provide easy access to your command centre through the myQ App. For example, if you’re at work and the kids arrive home from school, you can let them in through the garage to access their sports equipment.

What you should include in your family command centre 

The best thing about a family command centre is that you can tailor it to the needs of your family. Some of the top components include a family calendar with activities suited to each person, a memo board so nothing is ever forgotten, rewards charts for good behaviour and ample storage for items such as coats, shoes, bags and more.

The key to your family command centre is ensuring everyone knows how it works. Create good habits by getting the kids to take off shoes and store their school bag when they get out of the car, organise paperwork and keep the family calendar updated with activities.

Inspiration to get you started  

There are so many places to look for inspiration. Many home blogs have feature pieces on family command centres which offer step by step tutorials and advice. Otherwise, Pinterest is a great visual avenue to help you get started and build some inspiration on how you would like your command centre to look.

For a more personalised touch, online stores such as Etsy offer a range of handmade items such as custom whiteboards and weekly planners that you can request and modify to your specific needs and wants.

Some stores such as Officeworks have also started to introduce ready-made weekly calendars which you can easily assemble in your home and add to your family command centre.

Stop the morning meltdowns, the ‘where’s my homework!’ tantrums and take control with a command centre in your garage.

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